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McGill Engineering, Inc. (MEi) strives to provide the highest quality professional service, performed in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost. All operations are conducted in compliance with the principles and standards of the engineering and detailing professions.

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MEi has built a reputation of providing competent, professional detailing & design services to our clients throughout the USA & India.

Established in 1982 by Bruce A. McGill, P.E., MEi is primarily engaged in the preparation of shop drawings, connection design and project management for a select list of clients, with heavy emphasis on the requirements of the steel fabricating industry.  The contractual obligations of the company are carried out by an experienced staff utilizing state of the art equipment and software.

MEi has participated, as a team member and as the team leader, in several design-build projects in the state of Florida.  Through our experience and dedication with emphasis on innovative thinking, we are qualified to offer cost effective services to the steel industry.


Bruce A. McGill, P.E.


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Robert Johnson

Vice President Sales & Estimating

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David McBride, P.E.

Vice President Engineering

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Damon Agosto

Vice President Project Mangement

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Julian Monks, P.E.

Senior Project Management

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Jason Piwowar, CM-BIM

Project Management

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Kimberly Pollard, CM-BIM

Project Management

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Ed Helms

Project Management

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Greg Dubose

Project Management

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Jason Gleason

Project Management

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Document Control

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